Why Change?

Our world is constantly changing. How you respond to change or deal with it has a direct impact on both your professional and personal life.

Change isn’t always favourable or welcome, but failing to adapt or seeking to avoid change could lead to disastrous outcomes.

Manage change effectively, however, and the results will be much more successful.

What Is Changing or Needs To Change?

Recognising what drives change in business is relatively easy. Responding to the challenges or opportunities created by change is less straightforward.

Many, sometimes conflicting, elements instigate and drive change in business, including:

  • market forces
  • new opportunities
  • customer demands
  • competition
  • resource challenges
  • new technology
  • process inefficiencies
  • financial constraints
  • economic down / up turns
  • communication
  • interpersonal skills
  • leadership and management
  • conflict resolution
  • personal confidence, attitudes and motivation
  • performance management
  • preparation for a new role or promotion

What changes are you expecting or planning? Who will be affected and how? Are you preparing for change or getting ready to change?

Positive Perspective offers a 10-step Change Management process to direct you through whatever it is you need to tackle.

Our robust and effective framework improves the management of change and optimises outcomes by asking…

  1. Why Change?
  2. What is your current situation?
  3. What is the vision of the future?
  4. How will change affect The Client, Management & the team?
  5. What will drive your change?
  6. What will resist your change
  7. How will your change be communicated?
  8. What are the implications for all your people - including you?
  9. What are the implications for your organisation
  10. What will be the measures of your change?
“There is nothing new about change, humans have faced and handled change for centuries.”
Find out how our Change Management Services can bring a Positive Perspective and benefits to your business.
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