Why Outplacement?

There are times when companies unfortunately have to make the hard decision to make some roles redundant.

Whatever the cause - changing markets, increased competition, new technologies, economic challenges or internal re-organisations - it can be a distressing and stressful time for those affected.

People can be angry, upset and uncertain how to react and begin the process of finding a new job.

Responsible companies ease the transition by providing support and guidance via a structured Outplacement service for the staff members who are leaving. This valuable service helps people cope with the change and improves their ability to find a suitable new role.

Our Positive Perspective Outplacement service includes a single point of contact for each referred person, with ongoing email and telephone support. We offer help at two levels - employed or self-employed - and provide support through four face-to-face meetings which cover​

What does Positive Perspective offer?

Our Outplacement service, developed by Positive Perspective consultants over many years, is regularly reviewed and refined to ensure it provides effective and valuable support to both the companies and the individuals involved. Our consultants, some with a counselling background, are highly adept at operating in what can be an emotional situation.

Our approach is based around a 5 Cs model for Outplacement:

  1. Challenges-employment/self employment/more qualifications
  2. Choices
  3. Consequences
  4. Creative Solutions
  5. Course of action and a real Action Plan

The screenshots below provide more information on the approach and support provided by Positive Perspective.

A graphic showing the outplacement journey
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What our clients say about Positive Perspective’s Outplacement

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